January Students of the Month

Weston Ranch High School Departments have been working hard to select students to be honored as Students of the Month. The student of the month is a program where students get rewarded for being resilient, impactful in departments like English, Science, AP, Life Skills, Math, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Social Science(History), VAPA(Theatre), Agriculture, and the English Language Development Departments. Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded for showing resilience towards students, staff, and the community itself. Here are the winners from January.

Life Skills:
Edmond Cheng and Solei-Marie Marriot.

Foreign Language:
Micaela Tagorda and Tommy Duong.

Manpreet Kaur and Alex Del Monte

Elizabeth Cordero and Manpreet Kaur

Annelise Leon

Study Skills:
Madisyn Waterman and Valeria Aguilera

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)
Erik Cerda and Julian Torres

Social Studies:
Elliot Mobley