Technology During a Pandemic

The usage of technology during this year’s pandemic has been on the top of the charts. Knowing if it was a regular school year, we have used our tablets, laptops, phones, and other electronic devices more than any school year. We have used our devices for many specific things, such as turning in assignments, using resources, researching for studies, and many more academic needs beyond their intended use. However, there are some pros and cons that we have experienced throughout distance learning and being quarantined in general. Using technology has taught the majority of the education population how to do certain things. Those specific things were updating our devices, learning new skills, organizing our workspace, etc.

Students using technology brings them many benefits within the class or class subject. Students and teachers have learned how to do certain things, like mentioned above since the pandemic began. That is with improving with valuable skills, collaborating, independent learning, and many more. These benefits have helped the education community learn throughout distance learning and have helped them improve with specific skills that most students and teachers did not know. However, there have been some sections during distance learning that cause some problems to students, such as technical difficulties, absences for teachers, after-school hours, etc.

The beginning of COVID-19, quarantining, and distance learning has shown that COVID-19 has shaped our education using technology. 3% of the population has demonstrated that technical difficulties have worsened during the time. However, students and teachers tend to get through that as most educated people are open to school, and some are even doing hybrid learning. Overall, technology has been a great help and benefit during this pandemic, helping us improve with engagement, individual learning, communicating with peers, and supporting both students and teachers to continue the education pathway for this year and the continuous years. Technology has benefitted us, helped us continue distance learning, and got us back on track with positivity and motivation.