WRHS Senior Wins T-Shirt Design Contest


Michael Cook

Give Every Child a Chance, a non-profit volunteer mentor-tutor program founded by Antone E. Raymus and located in Manteca, wanted to get their message of hope to all students. GECAC’s mission is to provide a safe and productive place for struggling children in danger of being lost to society. Their thoughts behind the project were to offer struggling students an opportunity to have a safe place to go, to find information, and to be successful in life. To reach people, GECAC sponsored a t-shirt design contest where they asked entrants to create a design concept that captures the spirit of GECAC. Weston Ranch High School Senior Michael Cook took the opportunity to enter, and he walked away with First Prize.

Contest winning design


Cook, a senior graphic design student at Weston Ranch High School, put his passion to good use to develop the winning design. A solid member of the VAPA classes WRHS offers, Cook used his prior experience in introduction and advanced art here on campus to help inspire him and to give him the confidence to enter. He plans on going to San Joaquin Delta College for his first two years of college, then transferring on to a four-year program. He’s interested in pursuing graphic design or architecture. He’s got an interest in developing his own line of streetwear with one of his friends soon.

Cook’s winning design came as no surprise to his teacher.  

“Michael tends to push designs to more extreme and crazy styles but wanted to keep this one simple and clean so that it would appeal more to children (the target demographic),” said adviser Patrick Windschitl. “Because the organization is an afterschool program for children, he wanted to include an activity students do, and he chose painting. He decided to have flowers done in the style of wet paint handprints flowering out to demonstrate the growth of all the students that participate in the program and how it helps bring them together.”

But it was Cook who spent the time working it out so that the design truly represented the goals of GECAC and reflected his personality.

“My goal with the floral design was to create something fun and simple,” Cook said.    

For a pilot program, receiving recognition is pretty spectacular.  It should be said that a student receiving an award should always make MUSD proud.

“This is the first year a Graphic Design course has been run in Manteca Unified, and Michael’s been a key member of the class,” Windschitl added. “In the class, students learn to make graphics and logos for apparel, illustrate on the computer, and learn some video editing as well. Michael’s work is always creative and well done, and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future”.

Congratulations to Michael Cook. Weston Ranch High School cannot wait to see what you will do next.  

For more information on Michael’s design and to learn more about GECAC, visit:  Give Every Child a Chance | A Volunteer Mentor-Tutor Program (gecac.net)

The Prowl wishes to thank Mr. Windschitl for his contributions to this story and for the photos.