Water, Water Everywhere But Pay for What You Drink

How important is it to drink water? Should you drink bottled or tap water, and is there even a difference? Where does our water come from, and how just how expensive is it?

Research says that an average household with four people in it uses around 50 gallons of water daily. Water companies put plates down and pump billions of gallons of water per day with their sale for a considerable profit margin with the expectation that an American company is chasing profits. One can understand this, but this is no ordinary product. This is a natural resource we need to survive. So is it fair to charge people for something that’s a necessity to survive?

What a lot of people don’t know is that companies that say their water is “purified” is just very clean tap water, and years ago, researchers made a case that states as long as a water stream is connected to a spring in some way, it can be considered spring water. This means water resellers can get water from anywhere and run it through a process and sell it for any price. Is it fair for a company to set up a water pumping plate and strip a city or county of its pure water (this has been seen in multiple states), which they pay for a penny’s on the gallon?

How can people take water from others and make billions and not spare a dollar for the city’s it leaves in perpetual droughts? If water belongs to the county and the people within it, should resellers be able to buy up the resource? Even if the city is in a tight spot financially, resellers should not exploit the resource.