Bowser’s Fury Unleashed

Super Mario Bros is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and widely known multiplayer games. Many are known by many because of how old it is and how many games have come out ever since it first began. On February 12, Nintendo released a new game on the internet, and it took many Super Mario fans by storm, especially with its special edition called “Bowser’s Fury.”

Many have been anticipating the release of this game ever since Nintendo hinted at the new game. Since then, many have already bought and played through it. According to Tech Radar, the addition of Bowser’s Fury is supposedly a “short but sweet standalone Mario adventure.”

Other than Bowser’s Fury, the whole game itself still holds up as one of the best multiplayer games, filled with course-based rushes and puzzles. Even with the very minor and unnoticeable changes on which console you play it on, it’s still mostly the same either way.

In sum, Nintendo’s new Super Mario game is booming and making it available everywhere on the internet, causing a joyous uproar for plenty of gamers alike. This game can truly bring out the best in all big Super Mario fans with its amazing graphics, iconic characters, and overall exciting gameplay.