Glue Misuse Creates Viscous Dilemma

Early in February, the world was introduced to Tessica Brown. Why should we know her? Good question, and the answer is sticky.

Brown, who hails from Louisiana, became famous after posting a video about how she sprayed the product Gorilla Glue into her hair instead of using hair spray. Commonly known as “Gorilla Glue Hair Girl,” Brown became famous because her video went viral. After she decided to use Gorilla Glue, Brown posted a video on TikTok where she showed how stiff and stuck her hair was. She showed the audience how she used Gorilla Glue because she ran out of her favorite hairspray. And just like that, she became famous. Reactions to her predicament were mixed.

In her video, she said, “I washed my hair about 15 times, but the glue won’t budge”. After running out of ideas, she eventually went to the hospital.

The hospital rejected Brown’s situation and offered her alcohol to remove the glue from her hair. Brown posted another on YouTube where she was seen getting her hair rubbed with alcohol by her friend. Tessica would wallow in pain as her whole head would sting from the alcohol. Many felt terrible for her, and many others were confused about why this girl would apply super glue on her scalp. She would later go to the hospital and undergo surgery to remove the glue.

On February 10, Tessica was seen arriving in California at the Plastic Surgeon’s offices, Dr. Michael Obeng. Obeng offered to have a 12,000-dollar worth surgery for free. He had compassion for her and felt sorry for her situation. The surgery went well, according to Obeng. Her hair was saved from the glue, and she was able to keep her hair intact.

While there could be a lawsuit for the company owning the gorilla glue adhesive, the world was left to wonder why someone would do something like this and put themselves into this type of predicament. However, after viewing videos of kids swallowing Tide Pods, this isn’t much of a surprise. But, mix-ups do occur, and people make mistakes. Here’s hoping she recovers fully and others learn a lesson.

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