To Come Back or Not to Come Back is the Big Question

There are many pros and cons to reopening the schools for events.

As a student going through distance learning during a pandemic, I can address that most students would agree that it is great to continue pep rallies during a pandemic and keep the distance learning protocols while having fun. It is great to get out of the house, communicate with friends and family, and enjoy the real world after being stuck inside during a pandemic. A majority would agree that it is essential to keep quarantine and distance these times. School events like pep rallies, fundraisers, etc., are good ways to continue positivity and spirit during these rough times. However, it would be a conflict if most of the school population goes to any school events and does not avoid the social distancing protocols.

As a student from a California-based high school, California is drowning in many COVID cases that increase and decrease with population numbers. For estimate purposes, about 197,058 active COVID cases are going on as of February 10th, 2021. With active school events, it is possible to determine that events should proceed but with possible social distancing. Other students from different states and cities, take Roseville and Philadelphia as an example, agree to keep pep rallies and other school events to a limit as more schools are opening. Other students might argue with COVID that they would be afraid even with having school events going on with social distancing.

School events at schools are a great way to bring everyone back to their daily lives and spread positivity and school-spirit. However, students would debate if school events should be limited to a specific capacity as there are still active COVID cases in places near schools. Social distancing, restricting the capacity into buildings, and using other ways to avoid crowded places could help stop the spread of COVID. Though, certain people would rather be safe than sorry and avoid going to events where there could be possible cautions and conflicts. Overall, school events like pep rallies would be good to bring back school spirit and a positive attitude to those who have not been feeling themselves lately. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to take specific cautions and avoid those types of scenarios.