The False Face Must Hide What the False Heart Knows

Pest. Parasite. As long as we fulfill their needs, they’re always around and never grow sick of us. Typically, a friend is someone who, when we are supportive and plentiful with our time, or when we are in trouble, would be a positive bond. However, the fake friend is the pest and parasite.

False friends are worthless, insincere, and more likely to deceive us. They never put much effort into friendship, but they demand individuals to phone, invite or meet them without offering the same effort. They will say in public that “you are their friends,” but their actions show something more. They stab you in the back–they lie to us; they betrayed our trust.

The false friends are also judgmental. While looking at your face, they easily joke and criticize a person saying, “You can’t do that! That’s impossible!” They’re still trying to talk a person out of their aspirations.

They’re not going to take comfort in your laughter, and they envy us. They are more involved in other business than in their own. They talk to us and show themselves as trustworthy, and then they talk about us behind our backs. They say things like, ” I vow not to tell a soul that you can tell me something!” Yet, these are false promises.

The moral of the story is, please choose your friends wisely. Even if they look nice standing in front of you, you don’t know what they do behind us. Please choose wisely.