Where are They Now?

The Prowl is proud to share the first story in our new feature: “Where are they now?” We couldn’t be happier to share the story of Randi Holguin first. Randi is a Weston Ranch graduate (Class of 2017) and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of the Pacific and will graduate in May. The Prowl asked Holguin to share her story.

Randi Holguin

“I have been a part of the Community Involvement Program as a CIP Scholar throughout my four years here at Pacific. Within that program, I have held roles of Retreat Leader (for the program), CHASE Mentor (for low-income 7th/8th-grade students), and President and Treasurer for the Community Involvement Program Student Association.

Additionally, I worked part-time in the Associated Students of the University Pacific under the Arts & Entertainment team with roles as a Special Projects Coordinator and Booking Manager where I got to work with singers, actors, and performers some highlights being David Dobrik, Kiana Lede, Ella Mai, Rich the Kid, Awkwafina, Snoh Aalegra, and Marc E. Bassy. I am currently serving as the Student Body President for the Associated Students of the University of the Pacific (ASuop).

I have been the recipient of the Anderson Y Community Service Award and Outstanding Mentor Award throughout my years at Pacific.

As I look towards graduation and applying for full-time positions, I try to focus my thoughts on optimism for the future while reflecting on the past and being proud of all my accomplishments. I look towards finding a full-time position I’m passionate about and working with a company or organization where I will be content. Happiness in life and work is the expectation I have for myself in this next chapter in my life.

I would love to share with WRHS Students that no matter where you come from, you are currently to keep going. I have witnessed WRHS produce outstanding and well-rounded students, and you also have to put the work in, in everything that you do to become a successful product of WRHS. I also would like to tell students to work hard, have fun, and whatever path they think about taking, make sure they are happy and grow in it. Stay informed, stay involved, give back to your community, educate yourself, and remain curious while always asking questions. Education is the essential tool you can have, and that doesn’t always mean from a book or school. You can never fail as long as you are continually growing.”

The Prowl wishes Randi our best and the best for continued success. Thank you for the time you gave, and Weston Ranch High School is proud of you.