Distance Learning: an Allusion to Sisyphus

Rolling a boulder up hill is not a good plan.  Some students feel like this during Distance Learning.

Distance learning has been a stressful experience for both staff and the students of Weston Ranch High School. Many kids have been failing while others are thriving during these times. The kids failing their classes are still not used to being at home working for the school. The inconvenient truth is, the environment in their home is not the best. Many things could be happening at their homes, such as arguments, too much noise, and many other distractions.

A friend of mine from Weston Ranch High School is distance learning, and she does not feel okay learning like this. There are too many things going on in her home that do not let her concentrate. Therefore, she does poorly at school because of her situation. When learning at school, you are at school to learn, while being at home is not the best environment. You do not concentrate like how you do at school. The other students that do not have these things happening at home are better at distance learning because they do not have to endure that.

The teachers of Weston Ranch and all over the other high schools are frustrated over this situation. Many teachers get frustrated about their students not turning in any of their assignments and the students that are failing their classes. As much as they care about these students, they cannot pass them that easily.

Finding a good balance to help students at home and to ease the frustration for teachers is challenging. To sum up, in everything that has been stated so far, many students have had a terrible experience with Distance Learning. All that we can do is sit and wait until the pandemic is over and return to what life once was. While the schools are trying to do their best for all students, schools continue to push the rock uphill. The information from MUSD is sparse, so it’s a continuous game of sit and wait. The students hope the waiting is worth it.