The Frustrations of Distance Learning

For the past year, Covid 19 placed students, teachers, and families in an awkward position. Questions, situations, and concerns have plagued our school since March of 2020. When will it end? Will it end? How can we balance school and home life that suddenly merged without warning?

Distance Learning is not fun. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. Many students have lost motivation and strength to continue with the distance learning for this semester. We were placed in a situation where we were asked to manage our time away from where most of our time was handled for us.

However, most of us received the opportunity to come back during these historic yet tragic times. Most students would agree that coming back to the campus was a great idea and boosted motivation to continue learning and challenging themselves. However, there are still struggling students attempting to get through the rest of the school year.

As a junior in high school, this year has been a challenge and different from other years throughout my experience. Many students would agree that this year has been a challenge for others to focus on their education and situations within their education curriculum. I challenged myself to focus on school and my mental health before distance learning. Once we started distance learning, it was even more challenging to focus on my education and mental health together. I stuck to goals and kept motivating myself to focus on my top priorities.

There were some sections in life where we may believe that quitting may be the best solution. However, that mentality and those negative thoughts can bring you down. I motivated myself by relaxing from different periods and getting help from my teachers. As of right now, I am still motivating myself and doing the best of my ability.

Distance learning is not the best for most of us as some of us are visual and verbal learners when it comes to education. While taking precautions and distance learning simultaneously during COVID, we maintain to keep a positive mindset as times could be rough when it comes to distance learning. So far, the experience has not been fun, but it will become a point in life where we will look back and be proud of what we learned and accomplished.