Time to Clean Up the Planet

The world is moving at a fast pace. Each day sees new ideas and new technology. As time passes, more and more people bring these ideas to life as new inventions. When the automobile made its debut, it was more functional than using a horse and carriage. When planes were created, people started using them more than using a train or sailing the seas to get where they wanted to go. But, these newer and more reliable inventions came with an environmental cost. People started to use gas or expensive fuels, and we began to pollute our planet.

Another invention that has proven to be resourceful is plastic. It is used worldwide because it is convenient and can be cheaply made. However, like cars and planes, plastic adds an environmental cause and effect. Much of the waste found in the oceans can be attributed to plastic. The growing concern is that this unnoticeable material is causing the most noticeable damage to our planet.

As people continue polluting and damaging our planet, we fail to see the long-term effects of consuming and throwing away society.

One consequence is the destruction of the homes for wildlife. Another result is we may be making the planet unlivable for future generations, thus ruining our world for ourselves and future humans to live on. At this moment we don’t have anywhere to go. We have made little to no progress to get to Mars and make it livable. So what are we going to do to prevent ourselves and other wildlife from becoming extinct?

Some of the things that are being drastically affected by climate change are carbon dioxide, arctic ice, global temperature, ice sheets, and sea levels. Gases such as water vapor, which respond physically or chemically to temperature changes, are seen as “feedback” On earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse. Over the last century, fossil fuel burning like coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

We have had many wildfires and natural disasters happen over the last decade because of climate change; the temperatures are rising immensely to where we might not be able to handle it. Sea levels are rising high, creating a possible home for hurricanes. We will continue to have these problems if we do nothing to fix them.

In the U.S., climate change is believed a hoax. People use plastic every day and do not recycle. We have plastic on shores, on our streets, it’s everywhere. While many choose to ruin our planet, there are still ways you can help, get renewable energy, reduce water waste, buy better bulbs and pull the plugs. It’s a small change, but small changes now could help a lot in the long run.

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