Building Spirit Takes a Village

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would change about the school? Many students would like to change something about their school. It’s human nature to see something and want to change it. But, change for change isn’t fair sometimes. Focusing on specifics is how we create change.

Student opinion is essential and needs to be considered when we talk about ways to change our school. So, I turned the spotlight over to my cousin, Isabelle Mayorca. It took a while for her to answer, but when I did get one, she said she would like to change school mainly for last year when we were freshmen.

Isabelle would change the lack of school spirit and the support that goes with it if she had a magic wand. The examples that Isabelle provided me with are the spirit weeks, school pep rallies, and lastly, football games. There was so little participation during spirit week that it didn’t even look like it was spirit week. Most kids were just on their phones at the rallies. It was literally a get out of class free card. The only time the football games had spirit was on the visitor’s side, and after the 1st game, hardly anyone came. The visitor’s side was always packed, and they seemed like they were having fun, and the home side seemed empty.

There are ways to improve the culture here at Weston Ranch High School. One way is to get involved in activities. Another way is to find new ways to create spirit and pride on the campus. Focusing on how to get the freshman involved seems like the right place to begin because they will be the ones to carry on the traditions for the next four years, and their examples could help others who step onto the campus in the future. Campus spirit is contagious, so let’s try to catch some.

Other than changing school spirit and support, what else would someone change?