Enjoy Christmas But Make Good Choices

Christmas is a fun and relaxing holiday. We get to open presents, eat delicious foods, and hang out with friends and family. But will we be able to get that chance this year or the following year in the middle of this horrible pandemic? 

We are in winter where people’s chance of getting sick increases from the cold and freezing air? According to www.cbsnews.com, “The U.S. has significantly more cases than Canada with a total of 11,218,305 cases and 247,263 deaths, while Canada has about 305,449 total cases and 11,075 deaths according to John Hopkins.” They also stated that “Canada saw an increase of positive coronavirus tests two weeks after Thanksgiving, later on, 4,000 new daily cases were recorded exactly two weeks later on October 26. On this day, the total number of cases that Canada recorded was about 220,000.”

Is it a great idea to go out and enjoy Christmas with friends? Yes, you can still enjoy Christmastime with family and friends. Just remember that if you have to scale back a bit, it’s ok this year. Perhaps the best gifts we can give to each other are ones to keep us healthy and safe.