Fame Doesn’t Mean Everything

Fame to me is something I do not care for, but maybe it is a way to become a better person. Some become famous for contributing to the community. To me, fame is nothing but a word/name.

If I were to become famous, it would not be to become famous, but for the people I care for. As my dream is to make it to the NFL, most pro football players are considered famous, but for me, it is all to get my mom a house. That is my goal. That is why when I enter the field, I give it 110 percent because I know what I am fighting for.

Fame itself carries weight. For example, actors and athletes have to take the weight of their fame, like what they have to wear. Famous people have to dress professionally and look good when they go into public because they have so many eyes on them and don’t want to be criticized for how they dress or look, so they try to look their best.

But fame to me is something I don’t take seriously.