Christmastime is Here

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yes, the world’s most loved and well-known holiday is back around again. Nothing has changed, but this time COVID-19 is joining us for the Season’s Greeting of the holiday. Even though COVID hangs over us does not mean Christmas is over. But, some events have changed and sadly cannot be offered. A few events or plans that changed are going ice skating or taking the family out to snowboard in Lake Tahoe or Aspen (if you got that money for a plane ticket trip). Those outdoor events will not be happening this year because it is a hotspot for socializing with other people and a big risk for more COVID cases. 

But the good news is you can still have a good Christmas. Yep right at home, you can decorate the inside of your home:

  • Putting ornaments on the tree.
  • Hanging up Christmas decorations on the wall.
  • Buying apple cinnamon scent to put all around your house and burn wood in your fireplace while you listen to all your favorite Christmas songs with your loved ones.

And another plus to COVID-19 joining us for a holiday, shopping is all online! So, you do not have to take a step outside of your house, you add to your cart, and your items will be delivered to your home the next day. I prefer online shopping because it saves you a lot of gas money, but sometimes your online purchase might take a couple of days longer, but it is still worth it. 

And you cannot forget the menu you will have for Christmas, which usually moms plan the week of Christmas to buy the ingredients to cook on the 25th of December (which we all cannot wait for). And for dads to prepare two of their famous egg nog’s, one for the kids and one for the grownups.) Dads also get us to want to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. 

And you cannot forget the kids and their faces glued to electronics, the most popular app that got kids stuck on their screens is called Netflix. Netflix is a TV show and movie streamed app with both old and new releases that you catch up on and the many genres to pick from. And since it’s almost Christmas, Netflix has been adding Christmas movies on the list so you can really get into the Christmas spirit. I know for sure I will be spending the week before and of binge-watching Christmas movies on Netflix. 

As I said, there is much you can do this Christmas, but by staying inside your home and with family around you, you will still have a good Christmas. I know I am—Merry Christmas to everyone.