Life Imitates the Movies

For this week’s story, I asked the following question: If school were a movie, what movie would it be? I gathered feedback from a few students who attend Weston Ranch.

The first person, a Freshman and wanting their identity to remain undisclosed, stated they feel the movie ‘The Boy In the Striped Pajamas’ is relative to attending school. She said, “It is a feeling of my life being ripped from me. I am the victim and the teachers being the suspects.”

The second person, a sophomore, correlated the movie ‘Get Out’ to her feelings toward attending school. Her response was, “They are trapping us with all this extra knowledge when it is very specific and common sense learning.”

This information from these two students provides insight into how they feel about school during this troubling time. Students feel miserable and need a bigger purpose to attend school than just learning. They need more interactions rather than being stressed with larger workloads. Learning is critical and essential, but there is a limit, and too much is overwhelming.

It was interesting to learn this is how students feel. If I asked myself this question, the response I would give is ‘Inside Out.’ I chose this movie because my emotions are all over the place. School can be my happiness at times or my downfall. This movie has numerous feelings that I can connect to my emotions.

How would you describe this year?