Education Matters to Students

So far, this school year has taken a toll on everyone, from parents to teachers. While in a global pandemic, there isn’t much we can do that is in the norm. We are only able to help ourselves by using our masks and keeping our distance. The part that we are looking to fix is our schooling. At the moment, we are in a hybrid model of learning. We are home for some days, and the others were on campus. However, when we return in January, MUSD has announced the hybrid model will continue. Still, some students will not be with us if they enroll in the Online Academy or Independent Study options.

It seems as though not everything can be under control. Last week, students and families were informed by MUSD stating we will be going back to distance learning for at least two weeks, if not extended. Right now, kids who find it easier being in person than being online are going to have to accommodate again. I find the school more comfortable over distance learning, so I do not see any problems. But many of my friends seem to feel different.

Many people on distance learning say they seem to be getting more work than usual and leaving them unmotivated to do any work. Why is it that kids might feel that they are more stressed than before? Many students only join a class and are told to get assignments done and aren’t taught by actual teachers, and feel like they don’t get their education. At least in the hybrid model, we have a chance to see our teachers and classmates. A 100% online model creates isolation and a lack of purpose.

If students don’t get an education where they feel like they are being cared about, why would they care about the work given? When students don’t understand the work right now, they are most likely to email a teacher, but it happens when a teacher won’t even respond. What happens if they’re alone and expected to complete an assignment on their own? While students are home, they are interacting with people a lot less. Meanwhile, they also have to sit at a desk for at lean 6 hours, and then they also stay home all day, which makes students not care anymore.

Even though there isn’t any real solution to this right now, talk to someone. We have cell phones now. We aren’t used to barely talking to people but talk to someone because it may help. While it seems like we are alone in our education, try to make the best of it. Develop a routine. Find ways to make it work. It won’t be like this forever. Don’t give up. Keep advocating for your education.