Being Thankful Part 2

As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, let’s take time to reflect on all the things we appreciate. Without always beginning every sentence with, “In normal times…”, let’s get rid of that negativity and consider what the day can actually give.

Giving thanks means more than expressing gratitude. We can say, “thank you,” and maybe not mean it. Thanksgiving is more about appreciation. While celebrating Thanksgiving, we can take time to look at the things we appreciate. And while we may not be able to ultimately celebrate with loud gatherings, food, family, and friends, we can still enjoy what we have and be thankful.

The Prowl wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Here are some thoughts from the students, teachers, and staff. Enjoy!

Lily Bucheit-I am thankful for my family and all that they do for me. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food for me to eat. I am thankful that my family has been safe throughout these challenging times. I am also very thankful for my best friend. These things make these hard times a little bit easier to get through.

Alona Harrell-I am thankful for having a roof still over my head and clothes on my back. And I am grateful to be able to spend another year with food on my table. I am thankful that my family and I got through these past many months of ups and downs. I am thankful that I have a home and family that loves me, and I am grateful for just being alive. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the harshest holidays for the less fortunate as they may not have a home where they may spend a nice warm dinner with the people they love. So, every year me and my mom make hot plates and pass them around during the holidays of the downtown streets of Stockton.

Randeep Singh-Thanksgiving is the one day of the year we all get together to celebrate what we have. But it’s 2020, so how can Thanksgiving be normal, right? Or can it be? It is the same for me. Well, everyday is thanksgiving for me, excluding the getting together and eating lots of food part. Thanksgiving isn’t just about having all the fun with family and friends. It’s more than that. It is about being thankful for life, thankful for those that make life worth living. Not everyone’s life is perfect. We don’t always get what we want, but at the end of the day, we have something that perhaps another person might not, and that’s the love of family and friends. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for this single moment. I’m thankful for all the people I have met in the last year. I’m thankful for my friends Nicole, Akeel, and Ameer. But why these people? A year ago, I didn’t know who I was, but that quickly changed when I met these people. These people lifted me from a dark place. Without them, I would not be here today. I’m thankful for my teachers. My teachers mean a lot to me. They prepare me for what’s to come in the future. I’m thankful for my family. They have taken care of me since day one. They’ve done everything to keep me happy. We all have something to be thankful for every day. We all deserve to be happy, and to feel satisfied, safe, loved.

Nally Sy-I am thankful for my friends and family because I don’t know where I would be without them. Also, the family will support me in anything. They can provide support, sympathy, and care. I’m also thankful for my friends because they are my long supportive and are always there for me. Another reason why I’m thankful for my family is that they always have my back. I love spending time with my family.

Darin Williams-I am thankful for the things I have in my life, like my family and the things I have gotten to do, and the places I have visited. I am most thankful for my friends and family, and I would not be as happy and enjoy my life as much if it weren’t for them.

Mr. Fast-I am thankful that we get the opportunity to work with young people every day.

Ms. Barahona-I am thankful for many things, but when I think about WRHS, I am thankful for two things; my amazing Women Studies class and the GSA Pride club. They both have become such a beautiful community for growth and support that my heart sings as I stand a witness to it all.

Ms. Berchtold-I am thankful for my wonderful husband and sweet daughter Samantha, most of all. And I am thankful for my family, friends, health, and all my wonderful students!

Ms. Cervantes-I am thankful for my health, job, and family, especially my four boys and grandchildren!

Ms. Mendoza-I am very thankful for my family, especially my parents, who have overcome some health scares this year, and my husband, who has been my support through all of this.

Mr. Ribota-I’m thankful for the good health of my family, friends, and our students, especially for those that were infected with COVID-19 and recovered.

Ms. Schuessler-In this challenging season, I’m most thankful for my children and for seeing this time of year through their eyes.

Ms. Stogner-I am thankful for my family and, believe it or not, the quarantine because it made me slow down and appreciate what is truly important in my life.