Being Thankful

As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, let’s take time to reflect on all the things we appreciate. Without always beginning every sentence with, “In normal times…”, let’s get rid of that negativity and consider what the day can actually give.

Giving thanks means more than expressing gratitude. We can say, “thank you,” and maybe not mean it. Thanksgiving is more about appreciation. While celebrating Thanksgiving, we can take time to look at the things we appreciate. And while we may not be able to ultimately celebrate with loud gatherings, food, family, and friends, we can still enjoy what we have and be thankful.

The Prowl wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Here are some thoughts from the students, teachers, and staff. Enjoy!

Rafat Ali-What am I thankful for? Well, there is a lot. First and foremost, my parents have given me everything I ever needed, have raised me to become a respectful and mature adult, and have taught me the dos and the don’ts. Secondly, it is my friends, and I only have 1 or 2, to be honest. Still, they have helped me through anything I have ever gone through. If I ever need anyone, I can count on them. They have taught me a lot about life and vice versa as well. A good friend is always critical, as some people can still turn their back on you. I am thankful for my teachers, all of them in high school, even those I didn’t like (lol). These teachers have taught me so much that it’s just unbelievable. I’m thankful for the teachers to be working so hard for us to get us the required education needed and be a person we can talk to. One teacher, in particular, stands out to me, and that is Mr. Torrente. He has given life lessons and lectures to me so much, and it helped me out a lot. He has taught me that we all make mistakes at a young age, that our brains aren’t fully matured until 25, and a lot more. His class made me realize that I will make mistakes in life, but I will learn from it and do a lot better next time.

Luis Arrellano-I am thankful for having a home where I can sleep comfortably and warm during the winter. I am also grateful for the loving and supportive family I have. I am thankful for the food I can eat. Lastly, I am thankful for the people who help me push forward.

Christian Cortes-I am thankful for my friends and family during these challenging times. I am also thankful for baseball because it’s kept me pushing through my surgery and recovery process.

Elia Duran-I am thankful for my family and best friend. Without their support and love, I do not know where I would be. My best friend is the best person to come into my life. She never let our friendship die even through hard times. She is one of the strongest people I know, and I would like to thank her for all she has done for me.

Felix Gallegos Tijero-What I am most thankful for is definitely my parents. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. They help me through everything. I am also thankful for my family, especially my grandma. She is like a second mom to me.

Aniyah Glin-I am thankful for surviving the pandemic for as long as it’s lasted. Some people take their life for granted when many are stripped from them too soon. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have and healthy well-being.

Aaron Lo-I’m very grateful for my family and my friends. Without their passion and support for me, I might not be able to be here today. They’ve always told me whenever I need help or I’m in a situation, they always got my back, and because of them, they were able to help me achieve my goals. Most of my friends and family wanted me to try new things, and trying out new things was a little scary to me, but once they finally encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new, I enjoyed it, and there is not a single regret of what so ever. This taught me not to be scared of trying different things, and because of that, I’m very thankful for the people who had my back.

Evangelina Monreal Perez-This has not been the most comfortable year to find things to be thankful for, but I have seen some bright spots after some thinking. I have found six reasons to be thankful, especially in such a rough time. This year has been the hardest, but for the past five years, I have said the same thing repeatedly but not this year. So, for the first time after five years, I am thankful for more than just family and friends; I am thankful I have found my voice. For years I could never write or say what I wanted; there were always rules, the dos, and don’ts. I’ve learned to express myself more and speak up. Even though I am still learning, I can write and speak using my thoughts and words. I’m not just thankful for my voice; I’m also thankful for tears. Yes, tears. Sometimes it’s hard to say words and explain what I’m thinking, and tears express how I feel. I’m also thankful for pain because I don’t think I would appreciate the good things in life without pain. I am also thankful for books; Books allow me to escape and enter a whole other world, and reading takes my mind off things. I am also thankful for music. If I feel like I am failing as everything a friend or daughter, I feel like my music understands me, and it comforts me in ways I can’t explain. Music understands me more than my family. Although my family has differences, I know that there are family members that I can depend on and will be there for me no matter what happens. Although my parents may not understand me, they gave me life and everything I have, and even though I don’t fully appreciate life and don’t understand it, I’m thankful to have an experience.

Kevin Montanez-I am thankful for food. I am thankful for having a house. I am thankful for a warm jacket. I am thankful for my Adidas slides.

Raul Perez- Like many other people, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for my family. I wouldn’t choose any different because I’m super thankful for them always being by my side and still trying their best to give my brother and me a promising future. I’m super thankful for my friends, too, because they are one of the biggest reasons I haven’t been entirely bored this entire quarantine. They help me smile and laugh. They are two of the biggest things I’m thankful for, and I’m incredibly grateful for their excellent health.

Nylah Price-I’m thankful to be able to have my family overall. Many people are losing the closest ones due to this virus, but I am fortunate not to be one of those families who may be struggling without their loved ones. The pandemic taught me to be thankful for the people closest to me because life is not guaranteed.

Anureet Saini-I’m thankful for everything, even the bad because the bad leads to the good and teaches you a lesson. However, the thing I’m most grateful for is having an extremely good relationship with my family. I often hear people complaining about their parents and how they wish they had a good relationship with their family, and I’m grateful that I’m not one of those people. We do have our ups and downs like every family, but I’m glad that we’re close-knit and just overall comfortable and understanding.

Manjeet Sandhu-With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is tradition to say what you are thankful for. I am thankful for how hard the previous generations have worked for the later generations. There has been a joint statement that Boomers and Generation X have made it harder for Millennials and Generation Z. Still, Millennials and Generation Z would be starting with nothing if not for the previous generations. That is why, as the younger generations age and carry the torch of prior generations, they need to think about their children and about the ones who come after. After all, everyone is dependent on another in society.