Class of 2024 Finally Receives their Overdue Welcome to WRHS


Class of 2024! Back on campus? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, they just had their Freshmen Orientation on November 13th. Thus far, the 2020 school year has been a crazy experience for both students and staff members. As a freshman, though, I would personally never want to enter the high school premises like this. However, the incoming Freshman (well, sort of) were treated to a great day and made to feel at home.

Let’s talk about the Freshman Orientation. The Prowl was able to interview our very own Activities Director, Ms. Lewis, to find out how this big event came about and was implemented. At the orientation itself, 60% of the freshmen class attended, which is a little over 150 students. Safety precautions were in place and strictly enforced: all students were required to provide their positive Green check surveys, practice social distancing, wear a mask, remain outdoors, and everyone had to use their own supplies. The freshmen group did an introduction leading to a group icebreaker. Then they were split up into their groups with their leaders they meet with weekly(from Leadership and Peer Resource), where they did a small group activity leading to a campus tour.

According to Ms. Lewis, “There was a struggle with the check in process, mainly because it was the students first time doing the self-screening check, so it took a longer time than anticipated but it was good practice for their first day of school the following week.”

Once everyone checked in, the day progressed relatively smoothly.

“Lots of freshmen were worried about being lost or not knowing where their classes were,” said Lewis. “I hope being able to walk around and map out their day helped ease their stress the first day.”

Ms. Lewis also stated, “I’m sure they were nervous but that is to be expected. “It’s hard enough adapting to a new, much larger campus with new people, but to then add how we are dealing with a lot of other outside factors also added to all of our stress. I was really happy how the day went and we are so happy to welcome the Class of 2024”.

The Prowl wishes the freshmen the best of luck and hopes they are happy to be a Cougar!