Possible COVID Vaccine Getting Closer

A vaccine for Covid-19 might be here in the United States very soon.

Monscef Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed, is the head of developing a vaccine for coronavirus. He has stated some massive news for a new vaccine that could be here for the United States people. It is estimated that this vaccine could be ready around the second week of December but is more than likely initial doses available by January 2021.

With this vaccine being available, there will be some time before our lives go entirely back to normal. To get all the people in the United States vaccinated is estimated to take about until May of next year.
The goal would be to get to about 70% immunity from the virus with the vaccines so that herd immunity could take place. (www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/explaining-operation-warp-speed/) Herd immunity is a way to prevent the spread of a virus, with most of the population being immune to help the other non-immune people become less vulnerable and weak towards the virus.

70% of the United States population needs to get a vaccine, but a poll was taken that said that not many people want to get the vaccine. The poll noted that about 58% would be willing to get the vaccine. Without the other 12% needed, the herd immunity cannot be accomplished and done correctly. Doctors need as many people as possible to start the whole immunity process, but some do not trust what will be put into their bodies. Doctor Anthony Fauci states that this vaccine is very safe and could help abolish this horrible virus (www.usatoday.com). Doctors are hoping that there is a decrease in the negative opinions of this vaccine.

Overall, if the vaccine plan and the cooperation of people workout, we could be back to our regular lives sometimes by the middle, maybe the near end of next year. Even though that may seem like a long time, that short amount of time is way better than having taken away from this virus many years ahead. The sooner we all listen and cooperate, the sooner we can get out and live like we did years before this.