How Much Can We Trust the Media?

Mass media plays a significant role in everybody’s life. It can affect us positively but also negatively. The use of mass media has a lot of pros and cons. It plays both parts. It can boost our economy by putting ads and commercials, or it also negatively affects how media can persuade our way of seeing things in fake news or being blasé. Mass media can make us spend more money than we have. I also feel like mass media is not suitable for us. If we had new social media guidelines and expectations, our lives could be better.

Mass media helps marketing show us ads during Christmas, which encourages people to buy stuff because it is the holiday season, and people are already motivated to buy things. So, I think ads encourage people to spend even more. Stores usually have sales during Christmas, so working on the consumer to spend money right now is a pressure. And it works. For example, last year, I viewed something on YouTube ad during Christmas, and I looked more into it, and I ended up buying it for my mom. The same thing went for me when the Ps4 launched, and I saw it advertised in a commercial, and I just knew I had to get it.

I feel like some mass media meet consumers’ needs; they usually give you useful information on what is going on in the world. Some mass media outlets can be untrustworthy. They typically try to switch up a situation by changing the title’s name to get more clicks. They can lie about what they are trying to say to get us to look. An example of this is Instagram. I followed one Instagrammer and thought it was a reliable source for basketball, and a lot of what they shared was just fake news. I honestly feel like the most trustworthy mass media outlets are the biggest ones. But, if you tell the truth, you risk ruining your image and may lose money and followers. If there could be some regulation regarding advertising distribution, some of these issues could be resolved. I would want news media to verify the story they are writing about before posting something false and just writing about whatever they want. They should have to prove the reliability of sources before putting out into cyberspace for the masses to view.

Mass media influences political attitudes because the media can make you dislike someone or some policy very quickly. The improperly used press can make you view a person, like the candidates running for president, differently. It is effortless to create a video of just bad things a president, current or a candidate, has said and leave out all the good things he’s said, and that video can blow up and be on every platform and make people think differently about that person. There are many examples of this. I saw many videos about Biden and Trump during their recent campaign, saying the worst things they’ve said in their life and seeing it blow up on mass media, even old clips of them. Aren’t we able to change our views? We all should see things differently as we get older and not become a prisoner to outdated thoughts. Sure, we said these things many years ago, but we should be able to change our minds and, at the very least, be given a chance to explain the views we once had.

Newspapers are still needed because I know many older people who always read newspapers. However, I don’t think there’s much need for them. In 3-4 years, I think newspapers will disappear. That’s sad to think printed news will go away because we’re journalists, but online information seems to be the wave of the future.