Great Surprises on our First Days Back

Walking through the gates for the first time in 5 months was a bit nerve-wracking. The weeks of preparing and getting emails didn’t quite seem real at first. But in a flash, the day came quicker than anyone intended.

Walking through the gates, I found that the first thing appealing to me was the poles’ signs indicating which direction students can go. But I thought it was quite fascinating that staff provided a water bottle (hydro flask), 2 MUSD masks, and a stylus pen to go with your device. The first thing I did entering the campus, I looked at the map they provided us and tried to find my first class. I thought it would be more difficult, but it certainly was not. Very easy. Not many people by the second day of school were following the arrows at lunch or social distancing. There were huge groups, and everyone just walking anywhere. And as each class period passed, it got to feel very familiar, although it was difficult to recognize friends and other people with masks on.

I’m worried about when first-year students and sophomores come back to campus; I feel there’s not much use of arrows because it puts students at a higher risk when we are bunched together in class make a difference outside. At least during the passing period, we should be able to go any way we want because there will be more students. It is a risk, either way, how you view it.

But this is the world we live in right now, and I appreciate the fact that staff and MUSD took precautions and planned very hard to make this work, even if it’s two days a week. I think this very first week will be that stage where you are still getting used to things. Yet, as the weeks go on, we will hopefully realize that students who are given this opportunity to even step on campus again and reconnect with teachers, with friends, with peers, is just a huge blessing to us all.