New Student Explores New Campus

When I entered school, I was not nervous or felt anything different. I’m a new student here at Weston Ranch, and learning the new campus was the challenging part of my day.

I got lost trying to find my first-period class. During the first period, there was an awkward silence the whole time, and nobody wanted to talk. It seemed like the students in that class just sat in silence.

After the first period was over, I followed the arrows and asked some teachers where my second-period class was, and they showed me. But, I was the only one who attended that class, and my second-period teacher let me know I had to go to a different room because he cannot only have just one student in his class. After I found the place, the class supervisor greeted me with a friendly “hello.” I sat down and took out my computer, and began to do my work. The other students around me did the same, and it was just a regular day like always.

Being new to a school is challenging, but I was able to figure everything out. The students and staff were very friendly and helpful, and their support was a pleasant surprise.