First Day Back is a Good Experience

My first day back on campus was pretty good. It was a different experience because we have never attended school like this: Wearing masks, one-way signs, hand sanitizing every class, and taking a survey to make sure you can enter school premises.

One of the things I liked was the fact that we were given masks and water bottles. I also enjoyed how smoothly my classes went. Our teachers all explained to us the protocols of coming back to campus during Phase 2.0. I positively feel like if all students follow the rules and maintain social distance, no one will get sick, and MUSD won’t have to shut the school down (again). Weston Ranch High School has done an excellent job making the parents and students feel safe to come back.

I finished the day off with PE, and it was a weird experience because not many students were there, and the teacher had to sanitize everything after we used the equipment. I wasn’t on campus during lunch for my safety. I stayed in my car and ate there, although lunch seemed fine, according to my friends. People were maintaining their distance and whatnot, and everyone wore masks unless they were eating. I plan on spending lunch on campus when I return on Thursday to experience it for myself.

Overall, the first day back was a different but good experience for my first day returning to campus since March 8th.