AP Testing Still a Go

Advanced Placement college classes have been a staple of Weston Ranch for many years. But as COVID-19 changes the rules around us, College Board, the group that runs AP classes, has also been implementing changes to AP classes. AP testing is planned to occur in May, where College Board determines a time and day in small groups.

Ms. Martinez, one of the counselors here at Weston Ranch, provided insight into how AP classes have changed.

A primary concern from families with AP classes is the price of taking the end-of-year AP exams. College Board has raised the price by a dollar. Martinez said, “The majority of our AP exams cost $95 per exam; however, AP Seminar and AP research cost $143.” After paying the fee, students would typically sit in their classroom and take the class exams; the high school is “‚Ķhopeful that students will be back on campus this spring and will be able to take tests in person,” Martinez added. “However, it is all based on the pandemic, so we will monitor college Board announcements and wait until we get closer to the 2021 testing window for a final decision.”

If you find yourself asking what the point of taking an AP class is, when you pass the exams by College Board, you typically earn credits that are added in college. This means that taking an AP class in high school means one less course to take in college, which would likely cost you more money.

College Board had not changed that rule, and as Martinez said, “The GPA bump students earn on their high school transcript and the college credits earned by receiving a passing score on their AP exam will remain the same.”

As this pandemic rages on, the College Board has provided new resources for teachers and students to aid when taking the exams.
While many families struggle through this time financially, Advanced Placement classes are still offering opportunities for students to enroll. Of course, time management is severely significant between working teenagers, at-home distractions, and other ongoing studies. Asking your specific counselors will likely provide more insight into what you should do, alongside evaluating what you can do.