COVID’s Not Over Even If It’s Over

Imagine this; you get COVID-19. You have the sudden fevers and cold where you cannot smell or taste, have aching muscles, etc. All you can wish for is it to be over. You get another test, and it finally comes out to be negative! However, what you don’t know is what’s next. Similar to the aftershocks of an earthquake, there are aftershocks to COVID-19.

Once this pandemic struck, the entire world fell into a fear of getting this virus; however, there is more to fear apart from the virus itself. It’s lingering after-effects symptoms are just as bad.

A former COVID-19 patient states, “Headaches were the main troublemaker at the time of COVID, but after COVID, headaches were not that much, but my body pain; specifically, leg pain was a lot. So, I would say equal. So, I was suffering equally from both of them. During COVID, it was the headaches and other symptoms, like sore throat and all. And after COVID, the legs.”

COVID “survivors” mainly mentioned that after COVID, the main issue was leg pain and weakness.

“I was feeling very weak,” another person said. They continued with, “Specifically, legs were in pain a lot; leg muscles, not the joints. And even my weight was reduced to somewhere around 66 pounds in those two weeks.”

From the following two statements, we can already see how terrible the recovery symptoms are, but are there any medications or methods to help relieve this pain? When asked the following, one person responded, “Once my COVID was cured, the medications stopped. Basically, the medications given to me were for fever, and there was one medicine called “Anti-Flu”, which was meant for swine-flu. And nowadays, even the doctors are using it for COVID. Those medicines were given, that after COVID was over, then there were no medicines, only over the counter medicines were given. That basically boosts your immunity because your immunity gets quite low during the weeks after COVID. To boost my immunity, I was taking daily one tablet of that immunity-boosting medicine that I took somewhere around two weeks.”

When asked, “How long did having COVID and the recovery symptoms last?”, one person replied, “It took somewhere around a week to ten days to recover from COVID. And after that, it took somewhere around three weeks. So, altogether, I would say one month.”

I am sure it felt like much longer due to the pain and the feeling of an endless quarantine from everyone but the nurse.

You can see the effects COVID has on your body, and just how once you think COVID is over; it isn’t. It causes leg pain, weakness, and dramatic weight loss, just to name a few. Additionally, these are only a few of the recovery symptoms. We don’t know if there are more and or worse ones out there that people are going through. We all know and often talk about the symptoms of COVID and just how bad it is; however, the recovery symptoms are just as horrid and painful as the virus itself. And so, if you do not fear the virus, I sure hope you fear the equally painful symptoms after COVID.