MUSD Makes Plans, But Still Too Many Unknowns

Manteca Unified School District is planning to return to in-person learning soon. The District realizes that some students need to be on campus to learn.

Distance learning may not be the best option for some students, since they may not have reliable WiFi, a stable home, or someone to help them if they need help. Students with learning disabilities may also have a difficult time with distance learning. They may need in-person interaction to help and guide them physically.

While this is happening, MUSD still must consider keeping everyone safe and preventing the spread of Covid-19, while still providing the best option for students. I have seen the plans state that a return to campus will begin with small groups/cohorts. The groups will stay together and not mix with other groups to prevent them from sickness and to be able to trace back if someone does become infected. So, a small cohort will be on campuses across MUSD schools soon in hopes these cohorts help with student learning outcomes.

MUSD wants to support and educate the students and their families during this pandemic. They also want to support their teachers and staff. They are trying to adapt to the current needs of safety around the coronavirus and do their best to keep everyone safe. The District’s partnership with the county, city, and employee groups will help to return to in-person learning to be safe.

Despite the District’s decision to return to in-person learning, many people may not be ready to return to the campuses. There are too many unknowns, and there could be a risk for more infections when young students don’t show symptoms. Even though some students benefit from in-person learning, I don’t think we’re ready as a community because many people are still getting sick and can’t take chances for the students and staff health. Overall there seem to be pros and cons to in-person learning, but since there’s so much that we still don’t know about this virus, it can be hard to manage as a whole.