How COVID-19 Has Made Me Better

Usually, a new year means a new beginning. It’s a refreshing way to say, “things are gonna change and get better.” However, 2020 took an enormous turn a quarter into the year. An average life was bound to change for the better or, the worse. 2020 threw challenges at us, and it became a battle of independence. Some may call this a time of uncertainty and confusion, but for me, it was most definitely the time to find myself and try to be a better my person.

Confused about what to do and determined to remain active, I decided to maintain my everyday routine, including workouts and time management. However, unlike the continuing pandemic, I lasted only 3 months. But, I had a lightbulb moment and wanted to start something on my own, something different. Halfway through the year, I had an idea that when this spark occurred, I was bound to make my thought a reality. I decided to control what I could manage, and I started a business, one I can call my very own.

Keeping a consistent routine and not changing was demanding and challenging because life was different. School is a significant part of some of our lives. Some students see it as a second home, the one place they can be to escape whatever reality they have at home, but COVID-19 took this from us, causing routines to change. It was hard to adapt, but I had to train my mind not to take over and remain humble. Losing myself wasn’t an option. I had to continue working out for my well-being and health. I am a multi-sport athlete, and my body is trained to stay active. It was easy and simple to set a specific time and schedule to do the workouts because I’m used to practicing anyway. The hard part was the consistency; being in my comfort space, my home, caused the challenge. Missing one workout caused it all to roll downhill, causing inconsistency and a hard place to get back. My mind was convincing my body that missing a workout or not working out was ok. Getting back in the workout mode was tough, so I had to leave it behind.

Others are finding 2020 isn’t so easy either. Daycares closed, and only essential workers can work. My sister works for a tax-paying company, and while they weren’t forced to close, her three-year-old daughter, who attended a daycare facility, did close, and she needed help. I stepped up and took that role. I enjoy the presence of my niece and watching her. Balancing watching her and school is what fills my time nowadays. She wants to help me with my work and do what I do. It is not hard, but it can be challenging at times. She has her schoolwork to do, and I share the assignments that help her learn, like writing letters and numbers. While this pandemic has been frustrating, helping my sister and her daughter have been rewarding.

Along with running a business, going to school, and babysitting, the biggest thing I have to do is make time! It is hard, but everything is worth it. I enjoy this time. These times helped me become a better person.