It’s Summer and We’re Running out of Ice

Major glaciers in a few different places on Earth have started to melt or are in worsening conditions because current scientific speculation names the oceans warming as one of the main factors.

Two glaciers, Pine Island ad Thwaites, which rest on the Amundsen Sea coast in the west part of Antarctica. have already contributed to about five percent of the Earth’s sea-level rise. The Thwaites Glacier is in very critical condition, and if this glacier were to melt, it could cause a collapse of the ice in West Antarctica (

If this ice sheet collapses, the seas would gradually rise to approximately ten more feet ( The most massive still-intact ice shelf just recently lost a big chunk of ice. The cause of this is the substantial warming of the temperatures occurring in the Northeast part of Greenland.

As more and more ice shelves melt and become damaged by climate change, ice streams speed up, causing the sea levels to rise. If the melting continues, it will create a lot of problems for us living on Earth. Sea levels will grow at a tremendous rate taking over a lot of the land around the coast, ruining many people’s houses and lives in general.

Global warming is a bad thing that needs to be addressed. But it really can only be solved if people work together to help with and if big companies stop sending out toxic fumes into the air. Every little bit helps. Driving less and walking more helps with the poisonous fumes put in the air and allows the ozone layer to take less damage. Healing the ozone layer helps combat the Earth’s warming, and it will eventually cool back down a bit (

Not taking action today impacts tomorrow. Not addressing the problem today will be more difficult and costly in the future.