The Air, the Asthma, and COVID-19

Bad air quality is another thing that has decided to join the party of forcing people to stay inside. I wish I were lying, but our air has been unhealthy and poor for the last couple of weeks. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, now we have to worry twice about the air we breathe.

According to, our air is not going to improve this week. We will still be in the low and unhealthy section for weeks to come.
According to CNN Health, it has been said that half of America’s population, which is about 150 million people, are breathing in unhealthy air. And for people like me with asthma, being outside for at least 2 minutes starts to make our asthma symptoms act up. Some people are different, but for those with severe asthma, like me, we are taking risks almost every day. Something as little as walking outside to go in the car gives me a big headache, and I lose energy and begin feeling sick. Having asthma almost feels like you don’t exactly know when your next full breath of air will come. Having asthma is like you’re drowning. If you don’t have asthma, you may not understand how terrifying it is, but you know how dangerous it is.

Another thing is the Covid-19 death rate is rising in countries with unhealthy air. Studies show that you are most likely to die from COVID-19 if you live in the United States where the air quality is dangerous, according to new research by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. For more information about COVID-19 and asthma, check out the story on this website:

The weather in California is not helping the air quality either. It’s almost as if they are best friends because they are teaming up ruining our outdoor freedoms. Our weather has been in the high 80s and 90s for a long time now. High temperatures with bad air are a horrible mix when COVID is in the bowl as well.

Most of you’ll remember March 13 is the day that started it all, and people predict that the next Friday, Friday the 13 ironically, it will end. November 13 is now circled on the calendar. Well, let’s hope it’s true. However, If nothing changes, who is coming to Mars with me?


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