WRHS Prepares For First Wave of Students Since March

On September 22, Weston Ranch High School will begin allowing students back on campus to support a small group of students. Students will be in cohorts, a small group banded together, or treated as a group, while on campus. To note, this is not for instruction. The purpose is to help students gain access to the internet using MUSD’s wifi.

First, students who will be on campus will be here by invitation only. The first stage of the implementation will be for students who currently do not have access to the internet at all. It is not for spotty internet reception, only for those who consistently cannot meet the presently available online instruction demands. While this is 100% voluntary, it is a way for WRHS to help students gain access for a short period a few times a week. It should be noted here this service does not replace current learning taking place in the classroom. It is an additional service offered to those families who cannot join the online learning platform.

But, the services come with several stipulations. Number one being intervention cannot exceed two hours. A cohort may not contain more than 16 total people at any time (including students, aides, teachers, etc.). Secondly, once a student is in a cohort, they belong to only one cohort, have only one cohort per day, and cannot change cohorts. Additionally, a student may be part of a different group each day. Once invited, the students and their families can determine the schedule. Parents have the final say in whether or not a student is placed within the cohort. Finally, students will leave after the 2nd period and have an opportunity to grab a school-provided lunch on their way out.

So, while WRHS cannot offer full, in-person all-day interaction by San Joaquin County orders and the CDPH, this is a viable option for those students identified as those in the greatest need.

Students experiencing homelessness, English Language Learners, and students needing specialized services are the priority as well. The hope is to begin offering cohorts thor these students in the next few weeks.

The initial phase of this plan is set to begin on September 22. Students who have been identified have received invitations. Again, this is by invitation only and not offered to students not meeting the criteria reported above in paragraphs two and three.

Contact the main office for more information.