2020 Needs to Get Better

The Corona Virus has affected many teenagers because we cannot do simple things like go to the mall with friends, enjoy parks like six flags, or celebrate a birthday with a large group of friends. I notice in my town of Stockton that many stores and restaurants are opening back up with social distancing guidelines in place. You are still required to wear a mask everywhere, and only a certain number of people are allowed in one place.

The schools’ most significant challenge is when to open due to the Corona Virus safely, and all students must take online classes. School is more demanding online because I am a hands-on learner, and I must physically be in school to learn and understand what I am doing. I can learn online, too, but I might need a little more help with the TEAMS platform currently used by my school.

I feel like the Corona Virus has ruined Senior year and high school’s social aspect for many kids.

But the most problematic fact is that due to the Corona Virus, we are losing people around us, related to us, and who we do not know due to this pandemic. The news is filled with sad stories all over the world just how severe this pandemic is. This virus is the worst thing that I can recall since I was born in 2003. I am trying to accept that we must stay in the house, and we are on quarantine; like me, many teenagers simply want to interact with classmates, family, and friends socially.

This virus has been the highlight of the year but not in the right way. The way it came so fast and ruined everything was crazy. Last year’s seniors could not walk the stage; they could not participate in high school activities or simply go to school. Some people are not taking it seriously, but I do not blame them because I am tired of being stuck in the house.

I wish this virus will go away, and everything can go back to normal. I miss my old life, and I am sure everyone else does too.