USPS Holds Key to Upcoming Election

The United States Postal Service is one of the largest shipping companies that is funded by our government. The upcoming elections will be severely impacted by how the USPS will handle the next few weeks before the mail-in ballots start to arrive.

The USPS has warned States coast to coast that it cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted. This warning and the after-effects could impact our 2020 Presidential election drastically, especially with the unprecedented Coronavirus that has changed our lives to a world we couldn’t even imagine could happen. The Coronavirus Pandemic has made it where people may not show up and go to a voting booth to vote in person, which is why making sure mail-ballots receive an accurate and fair review.

The warning letters sent to States raise the possibility that many Americans eligible for mail-in ballots may not get counted. The USPS is low in its staff and may not have enough employees and time to get through the ballots to ensure the votes are significant and not be fraudulent.

The USPS asked for more money. Congress has asked the Trump administration for a larger budget, but they have denied it. Ironically, as our president has called the U.S. postal service “a joke” ( 3, 2020), however, the USPS may be the ones who can help determine his reelection and the future of the United States. As President Trump is now withholding funding for the USPS, he may be purposely sabotaging the election and possible reelection.

What can our future hold with a president who may be trying to manipulate an election? While many may not care about the USPS situation, this will be one of the most controversial elections that the United States has seen in quite some time. Our country is very divided in mindsets. As some agree for change in our systems and others want to keep our systems corrupt, the division is drastic. We need to make sure the process is fair, and we need to vote.