The Things I Miss the Most

The primary question student’s are asked is, “What do you miss most about school?”

Throughout the whole time of this quarantine, many things have been left out of high schoolers’ lives. Even though I’m not big on socializing, it just feels right and healthy to be around more similar people to your age. I also miss going to lunch and talking to friends about their days and how their classes were. It’s a lot of the little things in school that were more important to me than something like rallies and big sporting events.

Another thing I miss is coming home after a long walk home from school and relaxing on the couch for a while. There is something so satisfying about that feeling, and it is not the same when you’re at home all day, every day.

After speaking with a few people, I discovered they miss the same things I miss. One friend told me he missed was the fun teachers and how they helped him get through the day, especially the tough ones. Another person told me she just missed having something to do to fill her time. We’re all in this together, I guess. Being at home taking classes online instead of being there is a tough transition for some kids because, for many kids, school is somewhere that helps them get out of the house and have better social lives.

While this time has been different, I don’t think my life has changed much from not going to school in person, besides not seeing people that I see every day.

Overall there are many different opinions on not going back to school and staying home to do schoolwork. Some people hate it, and some people love the idea of not going back to school. It can be helpful to some and a terrible way of learning for kids. I think what I miss most about school is just the feeling of being around people.