Adapting to a Uncertain World

Covid-19, the pandemic which swept across the entire United States, is a rampant and concerning problem that disrupted many people in their day to day lives. In my case, the disruption to my daily life has been dramatic, and I have found myself having to adapt to our new reality.

The most recent change would be having to do schoolwork while at home. While this may be a smaller change, going to school every day of the workweek for ten months has been something that I have done mostly without fail. Now stuck to my room’s confines, I find myself feeling as if I am stuck for the entire day. Thankfully, our state is not under total lockdown, and our city is still relatively safe enough to go outside for essentials or to eat.

Being able to see and talk to my friends or teachers physically is another activity that I have taken for granted. We now have to look at a computer screen even more than usual, and this is the only social interaction I can still have with my friends. While it is for the sake of protecting everybody’s health, I have always been one to prefer a personal exchange and not online interactions.

I prefer being somewhere or talking to someone physically in person rather than online. Going to work was also a chance for me to de-stress and deal with the problems stuck in the confines of my mind, and while I may have adapted, that method was still the most entertaining and gave me a reason to get up in the morning and do everything I could in a day.

Life for everyone under the sun has changed, the majority for the worse. Many people I know started living day by day, and many are struggling, but having a sense of direction can change it all. Find a way to keep yourself going and have fun. Good luck. I hope you all make it to the other side.