Student Offers Hope in Pandemic Era

For me, quarantine has made a big change in my daily life, and not necessarily for the better.

Daily quarantine wasn’t stressful at all the first week. My parents had their jobs, and I saw it as an extra week of spring vacation. However, after a few weeks of just doing nothing but lying on my bed and playing video games, I realized that this quarantine would continue for many more months than earlier reported. Lately, quarantine has been getting repetitive, and I’m just glad my parents still have their jobs even though every time they go to work, I worry that they could get the virus.
I help them by always making sure they have hand sanitizer in their lunchbox or purse. I know neither of them forgets their masks, and if they do, I know they’d buy one or both before they get to work.

Although quarantine has affected my ability to go to school, the bonds I have made with my friends are still as strong as ever since I’ve been able to play videogames and chat with them even more than I used to. Boredom hasn’t been as big of an issue since I could play video games with my friends, although I feel like the fun will start to get old and dull after a certain amount of time.

Before we started online school, my sleep schedule was terrible. I would stay up late and wake up in the middle of the day. I have noticed that I don’t like to go out as often as I used to. I don’t touch my face anymore even when I’m out of habit from telling myself not to touch my face out in public. I’m starting to grow impatient from staying home all day, but I still try to limit my time outside in public. I have taken up painting as a hobby for me to entertain myself and clear my mind instead of just going on walks like I used to.

Although quarantine is boring, I feel safer in my home than being outside and possibly being exposed to the virus. I’ve gotten used to having to get out of the car and get the mask that I forgot in the house. I’ve gotten used to caring a small hand sanitizer dispenser on me, and I’ve gotten used to washing my hands every chance I get. And while this pandemic is terrible, I appreciate how far businesses have gone to keep their workplace cleaned. I like to see those big businesses and public places try their hardest to keep their establishments as safe as possible.

Even though I’m not too fond of the idea of people going out in public and possibly spreading the virus, I understand that sometimes it is necessary to leave the house to get basic human necessities. I do think that areas of entertainment or establishments that aren’t essential should be closed down and that the employees get a new temporary job that is safer for them to work.