Senior Looks for Silver Lining in COVID 19 Cloud

Around March of 2020, Covid-19 hit the United States drastically. We ended up not returning to school and having to wait a month to grasp how we will continue our schoolwork. Many people were mainly affected, like the class of 2020 and people missing their considerable milestones in life, and now they can’t celebrate them because of quarantine. Concerts and events have been canceled, and people haven’t gathered around anymore. 2020 shaped up to be very challenging.

When we left school for spring break, we had no idea that we would not go back to school until potentially next year. It’s still not known if and when we can return. This is my last year of high school before I go “into the real world,” as my mom says, and I won’t be able to experience my senior year as a cheerleader. I can’t go to the football games; I won’t hang out with friends in school and laugh with them at lunch. I can’t go to class and talk to my favorite teacher. I’m missing out on a lot. My time away doesn’t include prom and homecoming events, which I don’t know if we will have because of how poorly our president is handling the virus and selfish people not doing the proper etiquette and wearing masks when going out.

On the second to last day of spring break, my mom was admitted into the hospital because of her kidney. We got the email saying we would not return to school for a month. Which at the time, we thought, yay, no school for a month. We did not realize the seriousness that was surrounding this. My parents were informed that they would also have to stay at home because of the virus after my mom got out of the hospital. While my little sister and I were enjoying our time at home, my parents tried to save up our money the best they could because they had no idea when they would return to work. We ended up learning we would not return on the planned date, and we had to stay home longer. Thankfully, my parents got to go back to work after two months, but my sister and I still have to continue to stay at home.

I see many people who still go out with friends and have large family gatherings without a mask in sight. Because some are not following the protocols, I’m not able to see my friends because I’m scared they could be contagious. I won’t have a family barbeque for my birthday, which is awful to consider because I have one every year. I’m scared I’m not going to walk the stage for my high school graduation. Everything is up in the air right now, and we don’t have any clue of what this could end in.

In the time where we are mostly getting only bad news, we might overlook some positivity that our lives contain if we look at some benefits. For example, how our planet is getting a little bit of relief and can fix itself from the destruction and business that usually occurs, we can see our sea life able to come out and fewer animals and trees dying. Now that we are home, we can spend our time with family and be home, even though we have spent too much time inside. Our lives might not be returning to normal shortly, but if we have too much negativity in our heads, we will be continuing in a spiral of negativity. Try to look for some positivity in your life and work on yourself, as you can come out with a different person, just focusing on what you like.