Great Impressions 4

The definition of making a great impression is to produce a substantial effect on someone. Sounds simple enough. Taking the meaning a bit further, making a great impression should involve providing a positive, memorable impact on someone while one is present. Ah! That sounds more like the students we will say good-bye to this week.

The Prowl is giving out “Paw Prints,” symbols of the way some of our students made great impressions on the members of this campus. The Prowl began this tradition of handing out “Paw Prints” last year, so here is our Annual Paw Print Giveaway! So here we go…

Ms. Chavez to…
Peer Resource-Thanks for being an amazing class! You were helpful and worked hard with your struggling students, and I appreciate every minute you put into them. Those of you coming back, I can’t wait to see you next year!

PLUS-Thank you for being a little family and learning to work together so well. You guys were great at forums and always stepped in to help your classmates when they were in need. Those of you coming back, I can’t wait to see you next year!

Boys Volleyball-You know how I feel. I’m going to miss the chemistry and connectedness you had together and how everyone had a job and respected their role and each other on the team. You supported each other and were bound for good things.

Mailo Bayot and Jimmy Nguyen-All area team! What? Amazing! I’m going to miss you guys!

Seth Arriola-Four year varsity player. Stop working and get your education!! And keep playing.

Kassandra Orozco-I’m going to miss you every day for three years!! What are you going to do without my advice? Stingers up!

Jennalyn Laminero-I’m going to miss your bubbly personality and the way you can give and take a joke. Who’s going to run the forums next year and get as mad as I do at the class? How am I going to do it without you or Seth?


Ms. Riley to DeLorenzo Lewis: Like many of us, DeLorenzo Lewis had a difficult transition to distance learning. He missed his friends, classmates, and teachers tremendously! But within one week, he completely motivated himself to adapt to our current situation; he turned in all missed assignments and then didn’t miss a single assignment the rest of the semester! I am SO proud of you, De Lo! Keep up the good work!

Ms. Riley to Nylah Price: Nylah is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and genuine students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. On the days when I was struggling with distance learning, she was the student who kept me motivated with kind messages and great conversations about literature. I am proud of you, Nylah, and I will miss having you in my class.


Mr. Windschitl to Sheree White: Sheree was very passionate about what she was doing. She’s worked incredibly hard throughout the term and always put out amazing and creative work. She was consistently at the top of my class and developed into a great leader with the morning announcements videos. I know she’ll do awesome things in the future and wish her the best of luck with her future in the medical field.

Mr. Windschitl to Khaina Alupay: Khaina is a junior and our Community Outreach Intern for WRHS. While a bit quiet in class, she’s an awesome photographer and turned out tons of great, thoughtful, and incredibly creative work. She’s also an awesome writer and worked hard this term to get out stories for the MUSD Community newspaper while balancing a ton of AP courses. She’s self-motivated and driven, and I know she’s going to great things in the future.


Ms. Beaty to all the Physio kids: You have all worked hard and done a great job through distance learning. I wish we could have finished dissecting our cats, but we will always have the memories from first semester dissections!

Ms. Beaty to the Seniors: Good luck next year! Remember, you will achieve anything if you set your mind to it and work hard! I can’t wait to see the great things you achieve!