Isaiah Maxie Ready For New Beginning


Isaiah Maxie

Although the ending was not what he expected, Senior Isaiah Maxie is ready for a new beginning. Maxie announced he would attend Willamette University in the Fall of 2020.

Willamette is a private liberal arts university in Salem, Oregon. While there, Maxie plans to pursue a degree in Public Health and earn his Masters Degree in Business Administration. It’s an ambitious plan for Maxie, but he saw great opportunities at Willamette, and he accepted the challenge.

“I chose Willamette because they have a 3-2 program in which in my first three years I will be working to earn my BA in Public Health and the final two years I’ll be achieving my MBA,” Maxie told The Prowl.

In addition to the demanding focus in academics, Maxie will also play football for the Bearcats. A true leader on the Weston Ranch campus, Maxie looked for the same opportunities while he pondered his future school choices. Again, Willamette seemed like the perfect fit for Isaiah. Never backing away from a challenge, Maxie liked what the football program offered.

“Their football program is going through a rebuilding phase, and I wanted the opportunity to be a part of something great from the ground up.”

In Maxie, Willamette is getting one of Weston Ranch’s best. A great student who has high expectations and a great athlete who is ready to be a leader from day one.

In regular times, Isaiah and the rest of the Class of 2020 would be celebrating together right now. But these are not ordinary times for us now, unfortunately. However, Maxie, who is always considerate and kind and reflective, recognizes sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

“I would like to say thank you to Weston Ranch High school,” Maxie said. “Thank you to the amazing staff and the unique and fantastic student body for the support of my commitment. I am proud to say that I am a product of the Ranch.”

Maxie went on to say, “I’d like to thank my teachers for being understanding with me, as being a student-athlete for four years is no easy task. Thank you for taking the extra time to not only be my teachers but my mentors, my listeners, and some of my greatest supporters. I’d also like to thank my football team because although people will only remember the scores of our games and the record, they never stopped to think that only 16 guys were suiting up to go to war for 2 hours against a squad that is 40+ deep. Thank you for never giving up and putting your body through 2 times the wear and tear.”

Isaiah is just one of the many great young people we have here at Weston Ranch. And to the current and future Cougars, Maxie offered one final thought.

“To future graduating classes, remember to take advantage of your high school experience because you never know when the world is going to take those opportunities away from you. Your High school experience is truly what YOU make of it.”

Again, the end is just that, an end. And when it’s over, you start again—best of luck to Isaiah as he heads off for a new beginning.


Senior Isaiah Maxie with his family, teachers, and counselors.