Sabrina Ton: Class of 2020 Valedictorian


Sabrina Ton

The Prowl wishes to continue to celebrate the Class of 2020’s Valedictorian, Sabrina Ton. We wanted to share some stories about her from her counselor and teacher. Enjoy!

From Counselor Daisy Carmona-“Sabrina is an unforgettable young lady!
She often came to see me with questions or to talk about her plans for her future. I recall the first week of her freshman year. Sabrina came to see me after school and asked me, ‘How do I become Valedictorian?’ Fast forward to today, and here you are, Sabrina! Your hard work and perseverance paid off! I am so proud of you and wish you the best at UOP!”

From Ms. Baptista-“Sabrina, you are a rockstar. You are, by far, the most tenacious and dedicated student that I have ever taught. Words cannot express the honor that is has been to be not only your teacher but also your club adviser. I actually will miss all your questioning next year, so keep them coming, even while you’re in college. Congratulations on your honor of Valedictorian. You’ve earned it since DAY ONE of high school!”

From Mr. Torrente-“Sabrina’s inquisitive nature will challenge you to be a better teacher. As Valedictorian, her academic talent is without question. But what impressed me most about Sabrina is how she was able to recognize her overload and overcome it. I met Sabrina her Junior year when she enrolled in my psychology first term. In the second term, she enrolled in my AP Psych class, and this was when her “plate became overloaded.” She was now trying to keep up with 4 AP classes, and her stress level was past capacity. We had long talks, and we decided for her to drop my AP Psych class, and so she wouldn’t have to rearrange her schedule, we made her a TA for my class. At first, she struggled with that decision because of her drive to be better. But, soon, she began to realize that taking a step back was the best decision. I was not only relieved for her, but I was very impressed with her skills as a TA. Sabrina was always a step ahead of me. Once I showed her what I needed, I never had to show her again. If I had nothing for her, she would still be productive. I was happy that her senior year began with her as my TA 1st term. She now seemed more relaxed and confident. Her second term, she re-enrolled in my AP Psych class and is “rocking it.” Sabrina is very talented, but her ability to step back and reassess and then overcome is exemplary. Good Job Sabrina, I’m so proud.”

From Ms. Riley-“I knew Sabrina Ton would be Valedictorian from the moment I had her as a SOPHOMORE. Why? Well, have you met Sabrina?! She is one of the most hard-working students I’ve ever had. A consummate perfectionist, Sabrina goes above and beyond every single time: more reading, more worksheets, more knowledge, more acquisition of every single thing she can get her hands on. She eats, breathes, and sleeps academics. Talk about a young lady with determination! I can’t wait to see what her future holds. ”

Finally, from Mr. Hegyi-“Huge congratulations on earning the Valedictorian of this strange ending school year! Even though it has not been given to us to watch you to step up to the microphone and listen to your speech, I still feel the same sense of pride. If I had had the chance to write something in your yearbook, I would have written the words of my favorite scientist, Richard Feynman, who teaches to embrace the question. In his words, “We absolutely must leave room for doubt, or there is no progress and no learning. There is no learning without having to pose a question. And a question requires doubt. People search for certainty. But there is no certainty.” Sabrina, I encourage you to keep challenging yourself and your future educators with questions. I feel honored to have you in my class.”

Sabrina Ton