Feeling Lucky? Look for a Four-Leaf Clover

During March, the Weston Ranch Renaissance class cut out clovers and put them around campus for St. Patrick’s Day. The latest search is just another excellent example of how the Renaissance class gets the school involved in fun activities. From the Stars listing Resolutions to the Hearts game concluded last month, Renaissance provides lots of activities to generate campus spirit.

This month’s game is simple: Look for the clovers hung up around the school and try to find the ten hidden four-leaf clovers. If you find a four-leaf clover, please take it to room 301 and receive a prize.

“This is a way for students to take a look around campus and get involved,” said Ms. Lewis, the Renaissance class teacher. “Every month, Renaissance class gets students involved to appreciate the little things such as the stars and hearts around campus. The little things matter because it’s what creates a bigger picture for most students.”

Get out there and look for the clovers. You might find a lucky one.