Student Store Now Open

After months and months of planning and working through a few unplanned plans, the student store is officially open. Calling itself, “The Cougar’s Den,” students can now shop for some of their favorite things, all from the comfort of our cozy campus.

Cougar’s Den opened this past Wednesday and will be open before school and at lunch.

What are the benefits? Well, the student store will include apparel, snacks, and school supplies. The students may buy merchandise at an affordable price and also give back to the school. All Cougar apparel has the new and improved logo and will be in school colors. The Den will be selling snacks such as granola bars, water, and Gatorade. They will be selling a variety of school supplies such as notebooks and pencils, making it easier for the students to get supplies on campus.

Store Adviser Mr. Wayman said, “The store is a good way to benefit the students and our school.”

The store is located in the gym lobby main entrance. Please go and check it out.