Weston Ranch Showcases Stellar Students

This past Wednesday, several of our campus’s brightest stars received recognition for their achievements. The following students are great examples of “Creating a positive culture while changing the negative perceptions” of our school. Thank you to Ms. Berchtold, Mr. Wayman, Ms. Carmona, and Mr. Barron for helping the staff recognize and honor these students.  

Hector Lafayette:

Hector helped one of our students who has been in the country less than six months to break the language barrier and ultimately improving the student get above a 2.0 GPA. Hector did this on his own time and made sure to keep constant contact with the student, as well as with the student’s teachers. Hector himself maintains good grades and always has a warm welcome for anyone he encounters, even 1st thing in the morning.

Hector Lafayette

Isaiah Maxie:

Isaiah Maxie received an “Outstanding Academic/Leadership Football Player.” The Italian Sportsman’sSportsman’s Club presented for the Stockton Athletic Club. This award is given to the student-athlete who is a leader academically, in addition to their talents as an athlete. Isiah has a 4.2 GPA and is a leader on our campus and in the community. 

Isaiah Maxie

Sarisha Jacobs:

Sarisha Jacobs was a critical member of the Black Students of California United SOLdiers – 1st place team!

Sarisha and her team competed against 17 teams from around the state in the 2019 statewide Black Minds Matter Competition. Their presentation and student-produced video, Hidden in Plain Sight: Vaping on Your Campus, is an outstanding example of what Black Students of California United Health Ambassadors are capable of doing in their communities.

During the eight-month-long competition, the Black Minds Matter teams gathered and used data to identify and present a solution to a school or community problem. The Black Students of California United SOLdiers presented to faculty and parents in the San Joaquin County about the growing vaping crisis on middle and high school campuses, along with Big Tobacco’sTobacco’s marketing directly to youth.

Also, Sarisha was February’sFebruary’s Soroptimist Girl of the Month.

Chandni Singh:

Chandni Singh is a senior and looks forward to enlisting into the military and begin college next year. Chandni has continuously played an essential role in the JROTC program. This year she is a company commander in first period and keeps herself very busy with her AP classes.

In November, Chandni asked to speak Ms. Carmona about putting on an event that would allow students on our campus to learn about the various Mental Health Resources that are available on our campus. From her own experience, she realized how important it was to know who she was able to turn to on our campus when finding herself in need to talk about how she was feeling. Together, Singh and Carmona came up with the idea of putting on Weston Ranch High School’sSchool’s first-ever Mental Health Resource Fair. Singh’sSingh’s initiative of organizing this event proves how far she has come as a student and young person.

This new tradition on our campus will be part of her legacy, and we look forward to putting it on each year so our students will know who they can turn to when they need guidance and a helping hand. 

Chandni Singh

Julian Gonzalez:

Julian is one of our outstanding musicians and students of the arts here on the campus. In addition to playing multiple instruments, he has built quite an impressive resume as a musician. He has been in the MUSD Honor Band four years, has been a member of the San Joaquin County Honor Band three years, has been in California All-Northern Honor band two years, and, finally, selected to be a member of the California All-State Band this year for his accomplishments as a tuba player.  

Julian Gonzalez