Administration of Justice Students Out in Force

On February 12th, the Administration of Justice class performed primary traffic stops with the assistance of SUSD PD near the small gym during the first period.

Administration of Justice is a class that shows students the history of the United States Justice System. The course is yearlong, with the first half of the class learning about the justice system and the laws/principles set in place. The second half of the class is more hands-on in its approach to student activity and learning.

The events that took place on the 12th showed the students what it is like to be approached by an officer during a traffic stop and to gain an idea of what an officer may look for during a stop, as well as learn steps to ensure that any future traffic stops are not unpleasant.

The overall experience was a good learning moment for the students in the Administration Of Justice class.

“I hope the students gained an appreciation of the stressors that are experienced during a traffic stop,” said AOJ teacher Mr. Cromwell. “It is in high hopes that the learning outcome was met, but moreover, we are one step closer to attaining the positive culture we all strive to achieve.”