Physiology Students Aren’t Scaredy-Cats

Students in Ms. Beaty’s Physiology class began working on dissection this week. Dissection means to cut up (a body, part, or plant) to study its internal components. In the case of the physio students, they cut up the body of an animal.

Upon entering the lab, the students learned they would begin dissecting a cat. Working on cats received from Fisher Scientific, students started by removing the skin so they could then examine the muscular system. All of this was done to create strong visuals so the students could understand the components of the human body.

It was an excellent learning experience for all the students, and the students were able to grasp a better understanding of their bodies. Many students were unsure at first, but rose to the challenge and enjoyed the dissection process and activity.

Why cats? Well, frogs are rarely dissected in biology, so cats were a big step up. This dissection unit is a 10-week process and will show all the organ systems of the cat. Everything went as planned, and all the students enjoyed the challenge.