Fill Up Cougar Nation, Please and Thank You.

Let’s be honest, Cougars, while we are improving our culture, we still lack some degrees of school spirit.  Not many students attend school-games and activities. Why is that? We need to support our fellow Cougars, whether the events are a game, a theater production, a rally, or a concert.

One issue with the low turnout is not knowing when school-games/activities because we simply don’t know. Promoting events is key to driving attendance, and if we don’t know, we can’t go.

Some suggestions from people on our campus told us:

“Put up more posters around school to promote the games,” said Gursharan Singh. “If we have an idea, we can plan.”

“Hand out shirts; student DJ to hype things up,” Mr. Mack, our VCC counselor, said.

Another issue is the prices of admission. The Prowl realizes there are costs of doing business, and sometimes fees are not directly under the control of the event organizer, and we understand that. However, students may turn out in low numbers because attending multiple events in the same week gets rather costly. However, the theme of the responses we solicited was the same: Many said the tickets are overpriced and should be lowered.

“First 20 students get in free. Students need an incentive to go to school activities,” suggested Mr. Burns.

Diego Garcia also suggested, “Maybe we could do a ticket giveaway.”

In conclusion, our campus needs to find common ground for wanting students to support events and making the games and events accessible. Lowering the price of tickets and food could bring in more students. More posters may help generate excitement. However, if accommodations are made, we still have to go. So, start showing up and display school spirit. Let’s help continue our drive to change the culture and create a positive atmosphere.