Weston Ranch to Host Math Cup

On February 21st, Weston Ranch High School will sponsor the “Weston Ranch Math Cup,” a competition for all 5th-grade students from the surrounding Weston Ranch feeder schools. The math event will take place at Weston Ranch High.

Mr. Allred, Ms. Vang, Ms. Chavez, and Ms. Lewis will lead a team of 100 WR students who will graciously give their time to help support and drive this fantastic event. The feeder schools’ teachers will walk their students over to WRHS and participate in the event. Upon arrival, contestants will be split into teams of 5-6 and then complete a series of math questions, all of which will be scored and totaled. The winning school will receive a large trophy that they will carry proudly back to their school. Also, there will be a winning class at each school, and the teacher will have something beautiful to display in their classroom, noting their achievement. Finally, there will be winning teams in each class who will receive ribbons or medals.

The Math Cup will partner with Ms. Chavez’s class, who will be helping run the event by working with half the kids at a time. Ms. Lewis’ class will be working with our SDC kids during the event.

One final note to add to WRHS’s contribution is our Pre-Calculus classes will create rubrics for the questions, and these students will be facilitating/grading the problems during the event.

It should be a fun day on the 21st. The Prowl wants to thank Ms. Stacia Lagomarsino, a former teacher here at Weston Ranch, for coming back to our school and for sharing information for this great event.