Cougars Changing the Culture

Benjamin Franklin once said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” For a majority of Weston Ranch High School’s existence, students have dealt with the one bad deed more than they have been honored with the many good deeds this campus has produced.

For many of WR’s years, Cougars past and present have had a bad reputation. And despite our many efforts to improve our culture, climate, and image, some things have not changed. Do we deserve the reputation that precedes us? No, we certainly do not.

At the beginning of the Fall term, returning students and new students noticed a concerted effort to give our campus a new identity. Through various new policies and procedures, students on this campus have seen the movement to create change and establish a positive culture. The results of these policies are still coming in, but there has been a decrease in the number of fights, tardies, and absences. These are good things. And when things appear to be going well the staff and community notice.

“Tardies seem to have gone down 10-fold,” campus monitor Stacy Ingraffia told The Prowl. “It’s easier to do other parts of our job when we don’t have to chase students to class.”

One way WR is trying to change the reputation from negative to positive is by building better relationships between staff and students. Teachers and Administrators are more visible on campus this year. Teachers greet their students by standing outside the classroom door, and the Admin team patrols the campus before, during, and after school. These acts go a long way in establishing a positive culture.

“As teachers, we need to be an example of positivity,” Ms. Nelson, one of our math teachers, said.

Another way WR is trying to change the culture is through social media. To get the word out about ways our school is contributing to the excellent culture is by taking advantage of the many platforms offered to spread the right words.  Our school has an up-to-date website, journalism has a Twitter page, and there is a weekly newsletter sent home to parents, all ways to express the positive culture at Weston Ranch.

We can improve our school’s reputation by continuing to promote the good in our school. School reputation starts with the students and staff members; Teachers and students should not think negatively of the school as it adds to the bad reputation. Students should go home thinking about the school positively. Getting good grades plays a part in the status of the school too. Come on, Cougars, and let’s show everyone how great we are!